The Mahoney

Introducing The Mahoney

If you’ve never heard of The Mahoney at Floyd’s, you’re in for a treat. Petr, Floyd’s owner and operator, developed this original and unique idea with customer service and participation at the forefront.

It’s for all you rebels!

Food fanatics and risk takers, come one come all! Nothing but a healthy appetite can prepare you for The Mahoney. Simply tell your waiter/waitress “Bring me The Mahoney” and you’ll soon be facing something unique from our savvy cooks. The cooks prepare whatever they feel like making you, just tell us if you want breakfast or lunch.

Feeling lucky?

There’s a good chance you won’t have to pay for The Mahoney, but it’s up to you. You can either pay the original price, or flip a coin for double or nothing! If you win we pay for your meal, but if we win, you pay double the price of The Mahoney. Visit one of our locations to see just how lucky you are.